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The North Midlands Swimmimg and Water Polo Association is run jointly by Affiliated swimming clubs from Cheshire and Staffordshire. The association runs an annual swimming competition which is licensed at ASA Level 3 and provides an excellent intermediate level gala where young inexperienced swimmers can have a gentle introduction to competitive swimming.

The Interassociation Competition

The North Midlands Swimming and Water Polo Association regret to announce that we have decided withdraw from the Inter Association Gala for 2018 (and the foreseeable future). We feel that disparity between the licensing levels of the other association meets and the criteria for team selection is inappropriate and we were unhappy to endorse the competition in its current form. We as an association believe that the inter association gala team should be formed from swimmers who compete in the association event and that entry conditions for each association should be comparible - this is not the case at this time.

The Future for the North Midlands Competition

The North Midlands competition will continue to run as a licensed meet. The organizers of the competition believe that it offers a valuable opportunity for swimmers to gain experience of competitive swimming.

2018 Competition

Entries Update 21-September-2018

Thank you for your entries to the North Mids. We have had a record number of entries this year, which unfortunately means we cannot fit all of the swimmers in to some of the races in the legal time allowed per session. In order to disappoint the fewest number of swimmers we propose the following:

  1. Moving the first event from Session 6 Boys 200 backstroke to the end of Session 5. So event 601 (Boys 200 backstroke) will now be at the end of session 5 (before lunch instead of after)

  2. Removing a heat from all races in Sessions 1 and 3 and from events 602 (Girls 200 breast) and 604 (Girls 800 free).

All other sessions will continue as planned aside from minor adjustments.

We would like to offer swimmers the opportunity to withdraw from any of the affected events before we impose the following license condition:

  • "The competition secretary reserves the right to restrict entries in the interest of safety, time constraints and to ensure the smooth running of the competition. Where this rule is invoked the swimmers with the fastest submitted times in each age group shall take precedence."

This opportunity to withdraw (typically where the swimmer is no longer intending to swim) will allow us to retain the maximum number of swimmers. Withdrawals from the affected events should be made by Monday 24th September at 10am. A refund will be made if a swimmer is voluntarily withdrawn or rejected on the grounds of time constraints. In addition, if your swimmer can no longer enter the boys 200 backstroke due to the session move, then a refund will be provided and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Events for voluntary withdrawal

Session 1

  • 101 Girls 400 free
  • 102 Boys 50 back
  • 103 Girls 50 breast
  • 104 Boys 100 back
  • 105 Girls 100 free

Session 3

  • 301 Girls 100 fly
  • 302 Boys 200 breast
  • 303 Girls 200 free
  • 304 Boys 100 free
  • 305 Girls 200 back

Session 6

  • 602 Girls 200 breast
  • 604 Girls 800 free

Please email by Monday 24th September at 10am with your details and the races you wish to withdraw from and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding whilst we finalise the entries. A final list of accepted entries will be available early next week once amendments have been made. They will be sent by email and be posted in the North Mids Website.

Competition Details

The 2018 competition details are available below

License Numbers

  • October 6th-7th  3NW181707
  • October 20th-21st  3NW181708

Session Details

All Events are Head Declared Winners (HDW). Entry Fee £5.00 per event. All entries must be submitted via Sportsytems entry files (see below for information on the software). Ages as of 21st October 2018. Entries closing date Friday 7th September 2018. No Late Entries will be accepted

Entries contact email address

Withdrawals contact email address

Session times may be subject to change depending on entry numbers. Actual times will be updated with the accepted entries

Saturday 6th October 2018
Session 1

Warmup 8:00 Start 9:15

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
101 10+ Ladies 400m Freestyle
102 9+ Mens 50 Backstroke
103 9+ Ladies 50 Breaststroke
20 minute break
104 10+ Mens 100 Backstroke
105 10+ Ladies 100 Freestyle
Saturday 6th October 2018
Session 2

Warmup 13:00 Start 14:15

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
201 9+ Mens 50m Butterfly
202 9-11 Ladies 100m Individual Medley
20 minute break
203 10+ Mens 100m Breaststroke
204 9+ Ladies 50m Freestyle
205 11+ Mens 1500m Freestyle
Sunday 7th October 2018
Session 3

Warmup 08:00 Start 09:15

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
301 10+ Ladies 100m Butterfly
302 9+ Mens 200m Breaststroke
303 9+ Ladies 200m Freestyle
20 minute break
304 10+ Mens 100m Freestyle
305 9+ Ladies 200m Backstroke
Sunday 7th October 2018
Session 4

Warmup 13:45 Start 15:00

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
401 11+ Mens 400m Individual Medley
402 9+ Ladies 50m Butterfly
403 9-11 Mens 100m Individual Medley
20 minute break
404 11+ Ladies 1500m Freestyle
Saturday 20th October 2018
Session 5

Warmup 08:00 Start 09:15

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
501 10+ Ladies 100m Breaststroke
502 9+ Mens 200m Freestyle
503 9+ Ladies 200m Butterfly
20 minute break
504 10+ Mens 100m Butterfly
505 10+ Ladies 100m Backstroke
601 9+ Mens 200m Backstroke
Saturday 20th October 2018
Session 6

Warmup 13:00 Start 14:15

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
602 9+ Ladies 200m Breaststroke
603 9+ Mens 50m Freestyle
20 minute break
604 11+ Ladies 800m Freestyle
605 11+ Mens 800m Freestyle
Sunday 21st October 2018
Session 7

Warmup 08:00 Start 09:15

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
701 10+ Mens 400m Freestyle
702 9+ Ladies 200m Individual Medley
703 9+ Mens 200m Individual Medley
20 minute break
Junior Ladies/Mens Skins (14u)
Senior Ladies/Mens Skins (15+)
By invitation from the results of the 200 IM
Sunday 21st October 2018
Session 8

Warmup 13:30 Start 14:45

# Age Sex Meter Stroke
801 9+ Mens 200m Butterfly
802 11+ Ladies 400m Individual Medley
803 9+ Mens 50m Breaststroke
804 9+ Ladies 50m Backstroke

Program of Events

Program of Events



Entry Pack

Consideration Times
Note: Boys who have never raced the 800m and girls who have never raced the 1500m may do so with appropriate coach's estimated times, at the discretion of the promoter.

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